Team and Game Development Update — February

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2 min readFeb 24, 2022

First and foremost, hope all Bears Club members are doing fantastic.

In this article we will talk a little bit about what’s happening regarding the Bears Club team and the game.

Me, Igor, will be moving out of Brazil at the end of this month, so it’s been busy here, have been working on game development as much as I can (about that later in the article), the preparation to move to another country takes a lot of my time, nothing that will affect the project roadmap.

This month we have been searching for a good 3D artist to join our team, and we found it, he goes by as “Kaka”, he shares our mindset and totally understand what we aiming to deliver.

Kaka lives in Petropolis/RJ, the Rio de Janeiro town that faced a disaster recently, he is ok and unharmed. As the town was in need for help, he gave some of his time to help his local community after the disaster, now that things there improved, he will continue with the work at Bears Club.

During our search for a good 3D artist, we were struggling to find one that shared our vision or that had a style that would fit what we want, we’ve found both points in Kaka.

One of Kaka’s work, “Troll”.

We will be working together with Kaka, as quality is very important to us, the sneak peeks will come when we have enough to show you guys.

He may do livestreams in the future while he works on the 3D NFTs, we will let you guys know if that happens!

Game Development

Regarding the game development, we have added:

- Club Loading (before club state would be saved but not loaded)
- Club Edit Mode (move/remove furniture and appliances from the club)

The process of finding our 3D artist and me (Igor) moving out from Brazil slow the development of the game a little bit, but again, nothing to make our roadmap change.

We hope the best for all our Bears Club members, and stay safe!

Bear hugs!



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