Supply and Roadmap Update

Bears Club
3 min readDec 15, 2021



Bears Club goal is to be part of the Cardano rising process, participate while contributing to such beautiful ecosystem, providing a fun and social play-to-earn game.

During the preparation for our first appearance in a community Twitter Space, more specifically on Cardano Over Coffee, we knew the question "Why 10.000 NFTs?" would be asked, and the truth is that we, as like any game project, need funding.

Being realistic, an indie and small game doesn't require half a million $USD to be developed, specially not when it's being developed in Brazil, where the Bears Club team is located.

So, why 10.000? In a play-to-earn game, players usually are required to have some assets to earn the game currency or to earn it faster, for example, the newly released Thetan Arena, where players can make X amount of currency without any paid character but can earn 10 times faster with a paid character. Our Bears NFT will be like those Thetan Arena characters, you will still be able to play our game, but if your club has 5 NFT Bears working on it, your club score will be much higher, will look better, and of course, bring more revenue, and in the future 2 NFT Bears will be able to breed from time to time resulting in cubs that will have use in the gameplay.

Lowering the supply of those NFT Bears would become an issue. If the game grows in popularity and there is no NFTs available for minting anymore, new players would have a hard time getting 1 to 5 NFT Bears, we want everybody to have the opportunity to own and use a NFT Bear as staff in their club.

So, 10.000 is still a lot, can anything be done to look more appealing without affecting the game in the future? Sure, thinking about that we came to the conclusion of lowering the minting price from 30 to 15 ADA per NFT, this is still enough to fund the development, marketing and legal costs of the project. Nothing will change regarding the NFT, just the minting price. Holders will still receive a 3D version of the illustrated NFT and will still have use in the game.


When we started the project, we started with the goal of showing the game with some development done before releasing the NFT, and the goal continues the same.

Halfway through the making of the NFT arts in October, we thought it wasn't looking good enough and then decided to take the big decision of restarting the process, remaking everything to provide everyone with what we think it's the best we can offer.

At the start of November we recruited a professional Brazilian illustrator to help us through this journey of making the new NFT Bears. Right now he is doing an awesome job that we are pleased with, and considering the feedback, the community as well.

This process of remaking all the art with a new recruited artist required attention, slowing the development of the game to the point that even if we could show a game preview right now, it's close to the big holidays and we don't want to release the NFTs and go into a holiday vacation, so for that reason, we are pushing the NFT release for next month, consequentially roadmap now looking like this:

Q1 2022
- Game Teaser
- Release NFT Collection
- NFT verification and listing in all marketplaces and platforms available
- Work with community feedback
Q2 2022
Make available the 3D version of the holders Bear NFTs
- Give more previews of the game
- Release a open beta version of the game
- Release the game with breeding system
- Do collaborations with other projects
- Make Bears Club assets work in any metaverse possible

We appreciate all the support and feedback, feel free to contact us at any time!




Bears Club

Bears Club is a play-to-earn game project, one that aims to deliver a fun and interesting club simulation game.