Does Bears Club game exists?

Bears Club
1 min readJan 30, 2022



Before we started really focusing on the minting of the Bears Club 2D NFTs, we were working on the game a little bit, that’s why we say that the development already started, because it did.

It’s full of 2D and 3D assets mockups and UI is just pure functional prototypes, why? We have to start developing the backend first, like register/login with wallet connection, other types of interactions that needs to interact with the database, etc.

A game is not just a character walking in a world, that can cost us US$50 inside Unity Asset Store.

So before mid of December, when we paused development to focus on development of vending machine, finishing the arts, etc., we developed a few things on the game, like login/register with Nami wallet:

We developed a little bit of the game item store:

The furniture placement and a little bit of interaction with a NFT Display, that visitors or the owner of the club can click to have more details about it:

Everything showed here is functional prototypes, and most of the things won’t look this way in the final product.

We see you in the forest, fellow Bears Club member!



Bears Club

Bears Club is a play-to-earn game project, one that aims to deliver a fun and interesting club simulation game.